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Lack of a quality iOS app has me drifting away from Vera

Discussion in 'Vera' started by chris, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    I'm still evaluating hubs with both SmartThings and Vera Lite. Vera was my first exposure to home automation. Functionally, it's been pretty solid, most notably in the area of lighting. I love scenes, something I don't currently get with SmartThings. That functionality is supposedly coming soon. My biggest issue with Vera is the lack of a quality app. The web UI, while helpful to have, is just awful. The iOS app was just upgraded, but it's been getting panned heavily. At last check, it had a one star rating. There are number of third party apps, but I've been consistently disappointed with them. Either they are overpriced, too confusing (either for me or my wife) or too buggy to use. I recently downloaded Homewave after seeing great reviews about how you could add your buttons and customize the look. Maybe I need more time with it, but my results haven't been so great.

    The trouble is that SmartThings, despite missing features like scenes, has a good looking app. It could be improved upon, but it's vastly superior to anything available for Vera. I haven't seen any third party apps built for SmartThings. I'm not sure if it's because it is relatively new or maybe there are some restrictions/security issues that prevent apps from interfacing with ST.

    I keep going back and forth between the two. Most of my stuff is in SmartThings, but man do I miss scenes. My money is on SmartThings supporting scenes before Vera can put out a good app.

    What app do you use to control your Vera? If you've customized Homewave, I'd love to see some screenshots.
  2. Mitch_Thompson

    Mitch_Thompson New Member

    I use AuthomationHD with my Vera-Lite. I like it much better than the official app.
  3. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    Hi @Mitch_Thompson , I agree. That's been my favorite app on the Android side of things. It's a great app and you can't beat the price (free). I've been using SmartThings more and more, so less reliance on my Vera.
  4. Mark M.

    Mark M. New Member

    I've had my Vera Lite for 3 weeks. I didn't like the Vera app either. It required me to log out and in on a continual basis in order to recognize my hub. I tried the HomeWave app, and found the screen set up to be a bit confusing. After taking a run at it again it made sense, And came together nicely. The ability to customize the icons is a nice feature. I them tried SimpleWave. It's very nice. Easy to set up, and has a nice UI. After using these side by side for a week, I find my self using SimpleWave with greater frequency.

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